50 Ideas for Instagram Reels

Unlock Your Creativity: 50 Unique Instagram Reels Ideas to Elevate Your Social Media Game

February 19, 2024

How Can You Elevate Your Instagram Reels?

Quick Answer:

Boost your Instagram Reels by embracing storytelling, DIYs, collaborations, and unique content to engage, inform, and connect with your audience creatively and authentically.

Quick Overview

Elevate your Instagram with 50 creative Reel ideas, including storytelling, DIYs, and collaborations. Boost engagement, showcase your brand uniquely, and foster community. From interactive fun to informative content, add a personal touch to captivate your audience. Take your Reels to the next level and stand out creatively.

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For those unfamiliar with Instagram Reels, it’s a short-form video feature that allows Instagram users to create and share up to 60-second videos with their followers. Like TikTok and YouTube Shorts, Reels are Instagram’s answer to the rising popularity of short-form video content, which has taken social media platforms by storm.

Not only is it an important feature that can help expand your brand, but Instagram has also claimed that they’re putting a huge emphasis on video content. So, if you haven’t started creating reels yet, now’s a pretty good time to start.

50 Instagram Reel Ideas

Of course, if you haven’t created video content before or find yourself in a creative rut, it can be hard to know what types of videos to create. So, here are 50 Instagram Reel ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Tell a Story: Make it funny, heartwarming, touching – it doesn’t matter. If you have a story to tell, share it in an Instagram reel!
  2. Tarantino It: This is a classic trick for video content where you start with the ending and then cut back to the beginning. It’s an interesting way to set up a video. 
  3. Quote Over Background Video: Have a favorite quote? Well, share it over a video background. The video is mostly irrelevant as long as it’s a relevant backdrop for the message.
  4. Voiceover Action: Take a video of you doing something, then create a voiceover explaining what you did. This is a great option if talking on camera makes you nervous or if you want to show a really involved process. 
  5. Listicle: Listicles are popular all over the web, not just on blogs. So, create a video where you create a list or showcase a list someone else made.
  6. Likes and Dislikes: This one’s pretty simple. Just create videos about things you like and don’t like related to your niche or brand.
  7. Controversial Opinion (in Your Niche): Share a controversial opinion related to your niche or industry – just be ready to defend it! 
  8. GRWM (Get Ready With Me): This is a classic content idea that people love to watch. Start with waking up or getting out of the shower, and talk with your audience while you’re getting ready.
  9. Day in the Life: This is another classic vlog idea. You can use your camera to follow you throughout the day and clip together your favorite pieces. 
  10. Behind the Scenes: Show an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at your business, brand, or life.
  11. Cool Transitions: Many brands focus solely on creating videos with cool, seamless transitions (sudden outfit changes, spinning items so they change into something else, etc.), but everyone can do it. 
  12. Customer Reviews: Share customer reviews over a simple backdrop with cool or calming music in the background.
  13. UGC (User Generated Content): Take content created by other people about your business, brand, or products, and repurpose it for your own page. 
  14. Podcast-Style: Create a video where two people (or you playing two people) sit across from each other, talking into a microphone. The trick here is to position the camera to look like you’re being recorded and talking to someone offscreen. 
  15. Skit: Want to show off your acting chops? Go ahead and write and perform a skit!
  16. Trending Sounds: Be sure to check out trending sounds. The only way to do a trend wrong is not to do it at all. 
  17. Open-Ended Question: Ask open-ended questions. This is also a great way to boost your engagement.
  18. Favorites Lists: Create a list of your favorite things, preferably related to your niche or brand.
  19. Try Before You Buy: This is sort of like product reviews. You’re trying something out and talking about it so that other people don’t have to. Stick to things that are related to your niche. 
  20. Stitches: Find videos you like and Stitch them! This is when you add to someone else’s reel. 
  21. Remix: Or you can Remix them (otherwise known as Duet). 
  22. Life Advice: Offer life advice. This can be something you heard that changed your life or something you came up with on your own.
  23. Reaction Video: Create a video of you reacting to something (it can be almost anything). 
  24. Other People’s Reactions: Create a video of other people reacting to something. It’d be even better if it were something you offered or created.
  25. Check the Filters: If you’re ever in a creative bind, check out the latest filters. You never know what you’ll find in there!
  26. Bloopers: Do you save your outtakes? If not, then you definitely should because people love to watch them.
  27. Tournament Bracket: Create a tournament bracket about anything related to your niche and make each item or “participant” square off against each other. The last one standing is the winner.
  28. Polls: Curious about how people feel about something? Take a poll. As a bonus, polls are great for engagement. 
  29. Follow-Up Poll Results: Once you have the results from the poll, create a new video discussing them. 
  30. Question/Answer: Reels also offer a feature where you can ask a question and provide suggested answers.
  31. Top # Lists: Similar to your favorites lists, create a list of your Top # things in a particular genre or category (for example, top 7 books, top 8 leaders in your industry, etc.) It doesn’t matter how many. People love to watch them. 
  32. Endless Loop: Creating a seemingly infinite loop is a fun challenge. Try it out, and see what you can create.
  33. Makeup Tutorial: If you wear makeup, share your step-by-step process for doing your makeup while sharing things about your business. 
  34. Skincare Routine: If you care for your skin, share your skincare routine, including products and tips. Just like the makeup video, be sure to talk about your business while doing your skincare routine. 
  35. Recipe Video: Create a video of you cooking and trying a delicious recipe. Make it related to your brand or talk about your business while you cook.  
  36. Before and After: Showcase something before and after you worked on it. It could be your home office, store, logo, product, etc.
  37. Give a Tour: Give a tour of your office, store, home, garden, or anything else your audience might enjoy.
  38. DIY Tutorial: Are you into DIY crafts and projects? Well, so are many other people. So, share some DIY tutorials related to your niche or brand.
  39. Organization Tips: Share tips to help people organize their homes, life, office, etc. Share how you stay organized as a business owner. 
  40. Motivational Message: People love motivational quotes, facts, and thoughts, so share your favorites with your audience. 
  41. Showcase Your Pets: Create a video showcasing your pets being cute, funny, interesting, etc. Pets are a terrific way to humanize your brand. 
  42. Shopping Haul: Show off everything you just bought, especially if it’s related to your brand or niche.
  43. Share Some Hacks: Share some not-so-well-known life or business hacks.
  44. Fake Out: This type of video usually requires a build-up that ends in something potentially disappointing but ultimately funny. For example: build up to the reveal of a painting you made but make it a finger painting that a preschooler could’ve done. 
  45. Show Off Your Hobbies: What do you like to do for fun? Show people what you do when you’re not working on your business, and you’ll find others with similar interests.
  46. Interview People: Walk around and ask people questions related to your niche or choose people to interview one-on-one. 
  47. Double It and Give It to the Next Person: Popularized on TikTok, this trend involves offering somebody something (for example, $20), then asking if they’d like to have it or double it and give it to the next person. 
  48. Transformation Video: Similar to a before and after, a transformation video gets more into the nitty gritty details of the transformation process before showing the results.
  49. Collaborate with Another Creator: When you work with other creators in the same niche, you get the unique opportunity to open up your brand to new audiences. 
  50. Repurpose a Live: Do you go Live on Instagram? Well, why not repurpose some of your favorite clips from your live events for Instagram Reels?

Feel free to bookmark this page and reference it later when you feel creatively stuck. You can combine any of these or alter them in some way to create your own unique spin on the idea. If nothing else, we hope this article can serve as a jumping-off point that inspires your next video!

Take Your Instagram Reels to the Next Level

Instagram Reels is a powerful tool that can help you reach a much wider audience. And by incorporating some of our video ideas into your content schedule, you can definitely take your Instagram Reels to the next level.

Remember, the key to success with Instagram Reels is to be creative, authentic, and consistent. Experiment with different types of content and see what resonates with your audience. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. After all, that’s what Instagram Reels is all about. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming and create your next Instagram Reel masterpiece today!

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