What is Lemon8?

Unveiling Lemon8: ByteDance's Latest Venture into Social Media Innovation

February 14, 2024

What Exactly is Lemon8, and How Does It Stand Out?

Quick Answer:

Lemon8 is a social media platform launched by ByteDance in 2020, blending Instagram's photo-sharing with Pinterest's visual discovery. Unlike TikTok, it prioritizes images over videos. Owned by ByteDance through Heliophilia Pte. Ltd., it's gaining popularity in the US for its fresh, influencer-driven content landscape, offering a new venue for digital expression and connection.

Quick Overview

Introduction to Lemon8 as a new social media sensation.

  • Overview of its popularity on TikTok.
  • What is Lemon8?
  • Who Owns Lemon8?
  • Why is Lemon8 Popular?
  • How Does Lemon8 Work?
  • How to Use Lemon8
  • Conclusion: Should You Download Lemon8?

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Are you searching for a new social media platform that’s a cross between Instagram and Pinterest? Well, look no further than Lemon8! This amazing app has been taking the world by storm, especially on TikTok, where influencers are raving about it.

But what exactly is Lemon8? And is it worth your time? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Lemon8, including what it is, who owns it, and how it works. That way, you can make an informed, thoughtful decision about whether it’s worth adding to your social media strategy. 

What is Lemon8?

In simple terms, Lemon8 is a photo/video-sharing platform similar to Instagram and Pinterest. It was launched in 2020 by ByteDance, a parent company that owns TikTok. It then made its way across the globe, debuting in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2023.

Lemon8 is only similar to TikTok in that it has “Following” and “For You” pages, which indicates that its user-learning algorithm may be similar to TikTok’s. But it’s also very different from TikTok because Lemon8 prioritizes images rather than videos. Some creators find this a relief, especially considering how most other social media platforms have tried their best to adopt TikTok’s video prioritization, namely YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Who Owns Lemon8?

Even though Lemon8 was published under the name of a developer called Heliophilia Pte. Ltd., it’s essentially a ByteDance product. According to a report by Axios, Heliophilia is a private company that shares the same office in Singapore as TikTok. With Kemon8 added to its repertoire, ByteDance has now released three popular apps in the United States, including TikTok and CapCut.

Why is Lemon8 so Popular?

Many people are curious why Lemon8 has become such a sudden success here in the United States. But to answer that question, we must first understand the groundwork that Lemon8 made in the East and how that affects our digital culture here in the West.

Lemon8 was initially created as a competitor for a popular social network in the East called Xiaohongshu, which translates to Little Red Book. Little Red Book has a foothold in China’s e-commerce and social networking market, so Lemon8 was created as a direct competitor hoping to share some of that market space. But while it didn’t immediately catch flame in China, it did become super popular in Japan and Thailand. 

How does that impact the United States and the UK? Well, all you have to do to understand why people in the West have jumped on this new opportunity is look at our online culture. While there aren’t technically influencers on Lemon8 yet, new micro-influencers are popping up daily. Soon, Lemon8 will become heavily populated with tastemakers and influential accounts, and many people want to ride that wave.

That’s one reason it’s so popular here in the West – people see Lemon8 as a brand-new opportunity, and we love new opportunities! And since the app has direct ties to TikTok, debatably the most popular app in the United States right now, people are bound to jump on board.

How Does Lemon8 Work?

Since we now understand what Lemon8 is, who owns it, and why it’s gaining popularity with such speed, it’s time to move on to discuss the app’s features. And the most important thing you need to know right now is: how does it work?

Lemon8’s user interface is actually very similar to other social media platforms. So, if you were to try to create an account today, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it. When you sign up, it asks for your basic information (phone number, email address, username, pronouns, and interests). And once that information is in, you can start exploring.

As we mentioned above, the app is similar to TikTok because it has a “Following” page and a “For You” page. Your “Following” page may take a minute to grow, but your “For You” page is auto-populated with results based on who you are and the interests you chose when you signed up. You can also switch categories on the “For You” page by clicking the category section at the top of the screen.

How to Use Lemon8

Before you can start actually using the app, you need to sign up and create an account. But assuming you’ve already done that, you can start viewing, creating, and sharing content immediately. Here’s how. 

  • Creating Content: To create a post, tap on the + icon at the bottom of the screen and choose what you want to upload. Remember, you can publish photos or videos already on your phone or create something new directly through the app. 
  • Editing Content: Once you’ve selected your content, you can use the app’s editing tools to enhance it and add a caption with relevant hashtags. It’s that simple! 
  • Discovering New Content: To find other users’ content on Lemon8, scroll through the “For You” feed or explore different categories that interest you. You can also use the app’s search function to find posts that contain specific hashtags or keywords. 
  • Interacting with New Content: To interact with content, you can like, comment, save, or share any post that catches your attention by tapping on the corresponding icons located below each post.
  • Following Creators: To follow other creators on Lemon8, simply tap on their username or profile picture and then hit the “Follow” button on their profile page. 
  • Finding Similar Creators: If you want to find similar creators or creators in a similar niche, you can also view who others are following and who follows them by checking the numbers next to their usernames.

So, Should You Download Lemon8?

As a brand, business owner, or solopreneur, committing to a new social media platform may sound incredibly overwhelming. You’re most likely already stretched thin by your current marketing efforts. And if you are, the idea of adding another platform to your day may sound nightmarish. 

But if you’re not overwhelmed or stretched too thin, and you’re looking for a new opportunity to grow your brand and establish a meaningful presence online, Lemon8 is definitely worth checking out. Not only is the app interface familiar and easy to use, but it’s rapidly gaining traction here in the United States and could just be the new opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

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