7 Insider Tips for an Effective Facebook Ads Campaign

January 23, 2024

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Did you know that Facebook still has nearly 3 billion active users? That’s right. Despite new players like TikTok and BeReal making waves, Facebook still holds a lot of power. 

In fact, 78% of Americans under 34 have bought something they discovered on Facebook. Additionally, 63% of marketers find Facebook to be the most effective social media channel. 

With a robust ads manager and a suite of business tools, Facebook is a terrific place to get new leads and land more sales. However, it can also drain your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

In this article, we’re sharing some top tips for creating an effective Facebook Ads campaign and getting the most out of Facebook Ads. 

7 Tips to Create a Killer Facebook Ad Campaign 

Whether you’re just getting started or have been doing Facebook Ads for a while, these seven tips can help you take your Facebook Ads campaign to the next level. 

1. Get Crystal Clear About Your Objectives

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As with any ad campaign, the clearer you are about your goals, the more achievable they’ll be. Having clear goals allows you to get the most conversions possible. 

So, start by getting clear about what your objective is. It could be getting:

  • Direct Sales 
  • New Leads
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Website Traffic 
  • Brand Awareness
  • And More

Then, once you’ve decided, you can select your goal in Facebook’s ad creator and let it walk you through creating the best ad for reaching your objectives.  

2. Take Advantage of Targeting (But Don’t Overdo It) 

One of the best features of Facebook Ads is the ability to target your specific demographics. You can deliver ads based on an array of filtering criteria, including:

  • Location – city, state, and country 
  • Gender – self-explanatory 
  • Interests – like fashion, literature, entrepreneurship, etc. 
  • Behaviors – previous behaviors, like visiting your website or liking your page
  • Connections – people who like your page or are connected to people who do

You want to make sure you focus on your [target audience]. However, you don’t want to get too granular and miss out on potential leads. Instead, start with a more open audience, and drill down as needed. 

3. Test Out Different Formats and Locations 

You don’t have to settle for boring, picture-less ads. In fact, Facebook offers an array of ad types to appeal to your audience. For example, they offer: 

  • Photo Ads – Pick a high-quality image and compelling text.
  • Video Ads – Pull the people in with a quick video.
  • Stories – Use the new stories function with ads.
  • Messenger – Messenger ads allow for a personal touch and automated interactions.
  • Slideshow – Mix sound, text, and music to create a video-like ad.
  • Carousel – Use up to 10 photos and videos, each with its own link.
  • Playables – If you have an app, allow your users to preview it before downloading. 

In addition to ad type, you also need to decide the placement of your ad. You can choose to display them on Facebook only or on other platforms owned by Facebook (like Instagram). 

You can also choose between desktop and mobile. However, keep in mind that 98% of users access Facebook via mobile. 

4. Check the Size Recommendations (no, seriously) 

Facebook is known for frequently changing the size requirements for pictures and videos. As a result, you’ll want to take time to check their specs before running a campaign. Otherwise, you could risk having your ad image cropped or stretched. 

To check out the latest specs for Facebook’s image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads, click here.  

5. Get Really Familiar with the Analytics and Test Everything 

The only way to ensure results is by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Often, this takes a bit of trial and error. Thankfully, the Facebook Analytics Tool is incredibly robust and gives you tremendous details about your campaigns’ performance. 

You’ll have to embed Facebook Pixel (a single code snippet) on your site to track conversions. However, once embedded, you’ll be able to see exactly how many leads, downloads, and purchases came from each ad campaign. 

6. Utilize Custom Audiences to Reap the Benefits of Retargeting

Have you ever heard the rule of seven? Essentially, it says that a person needs to see or hear about a product seven times before they decide to take action. This is where remarketing comes in. 

Remarketing is when you market to someone who’s already shown interest in your brand in some way. For example, maybe they visited your website, liked your Facebook page, or commented on a post you made. 

Facebook Ads allow you to retarget to custom audiences, essentially allowing you to target people who have already interacted with your business in some way. This is super powerful and something you definitely want to take advantage of! 

(For a frame of reference, a custom audience is an audience that already has a relationship with your brand. Essentially, they are people who have already purchased from you or interacted with your brand on or off Facebook. 

You can create custom audiences by uploading your customer list, website traffic, and app traffic or by using Meta’s engagement data. 

7. Try Lookalike Audiences 

Facebook Ads allow you to target something called a lookalike audience as well. A lookalike audience is simply a group of people with similar characteristics to your custom audiences (aka people who have already interacted with your brand). 

Essentially, a lookalike audience is a brand new group of people who are likely to engage with your brand because they are similar to people who already have. You can create a lookalike audience by using one of your existing custom audiences in your Facebook Ads account. 

Start Getting Results from Your Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads are an excellent way to land more leads, sell more products, and gain brand awareness. And unlike other pay-per-click ad platforms (looking at you, Google), Facebook ads are still relatively affordable. 

Be sure to set some budget limits and test everything regularly to get the best results. Then, once you’re sure you have ads that will perform for you, you can increase your ad budget for even more results.

Once you know the tricks and find what works for you, Facebook Ads can be a terrific platform for getting some impressive results.