Mastering SEO in the AI Era: Dominate Search Rankings in 2024

SEO is so often overlooked, since it’s not an instant result. But in the age of AI, it’s more important than ever to have your website showing up inside Google. The competition is fierce and people are generating SEO content faster than most businesses can keep up. 

But I’ll walk you through how to ensure you’ve set yourself up for successful ranking in 2024. Using AI you can drastically improve your SEO rankings in less than 60 minutes. 


The first thing you need to do is scan your site and figure out what needs improvement, you can do this free with Screpy.

Fix any problems the app provides, this will make the most impact. 

The basics of SEO are: 

  • Make sure your website is mobile-responsive. 
  • Make sure your readability is good on the website with lots of text with keywords. 
  • Create lots of helpful content so engines use you as a resource.
  • Get other websites (like YouTube, LinkedIn, etc) to link back to your website.  


Find the best keywords you need to add to your website by asking ChatGPT to “generate SEO keywords (short and long tail) for my website [website], which is a [industry] selling [product] to [audience].”

(replacing brackets with your information) 

Go to your website and see where you can use these new keywords, they’re most effective on H1 titles (paragraph headers) but sprinkling them throughout your copy helps a lot. 

If you want to dig deeper, use them as image alt titles on any images from your website. 


Use your pain points generated from previous steps to ask ChatGPT to generate articles, using the keywords above for SEO content production. You can use the following prompt: 

"Generate article ideas for [audience] with pain points like [pain points], using keywords like [keywords]".

Then for each idea, 

“Generate an article, with title, subtitle, and inspirational quote before the content, focusing on helping readers solve [pain point]. Sprinkling in my product [product], and how it solves [problem] throughout the article. Use these keywords inside the article and title: keywords. 

Post on your website, daily. Google likes to see consistent content being created and published. 


Here’s an even more powerful (but more advanced) option:

Turn your article into a video using AI, using a tool like Pictory which can generate an explainer video and a realistic voiceover using AI. Or use Veed which can generate an AI avatar reading your script.

Post this on YouTube, adding your URL to the description and then the YouTube video to your article. 

The more content the merrier. 


Your goal is to have as many GOOD websites linking back to your website as possible. You do this by posting on LinkedIn, YouTube (you generated videos), and submitting your article in comments around the web. 

You can also submit the article to be posted on a website (with “backlinks” which means you’ve linked your website inside the article text using the keywords you want to show up as.)

Another idea is to hire someone from Fiverr to get you backlinks for your website and articles.


Mastering SEO in 2024 requires a blend of traditional techniques and innovative AI applications. Improve your website's ranking and compete effectively in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As the realm of SEO continues to evolve with AI, staying informed and adaptable is key to online success.