Power Up Your Email Signature: 17 Email Signature Marketing Tips

January 23, 2024

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Despite its modest presence, your email signature – that small space at the bottom of every one of your sent emails – holds vast, often untapped potential. Unfortunately, this piece of digital real estate is frequently overlooked or underused.

However, with some strategic thinking, you can transform this undervalued asset into a powerhouse of marketing and personal branding potential. Here's how. 

The Underrated Power of Email Signatures

The email signature is not just a fancy way to say goodbye. It's more like a digital business card or an opportunity for one final impression. Just how important is it, though? Let's look at some email statistics: 

Given this volume of email traffic, the importance of a well-crafted email signature cannot be overstated. But it's not just that. Email signature additions can result in some major returns. 

For example, adding a booking link to an email signature can increase demo bookings by as much as 20%. In other words, investing just a little extra time and attention to your email signature can have a huge payoff. 

17 Tips for Powering Up Your Email Signature

Now that we've established the "why," let's get to the "how." Here are 10 ways to power up your email signature and supercharge your marketing efforts.

1. Keep it Professional

First impressions matter. So, your email signature should reflect your brand's professionalism. Stick to using your full name, job title, and company name. Sprinkle in a little brand personality, but don't go so overboard that you risk isolating your target audience.  

2. Use a Professional Headshot

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Including a professional headshot can make your email signature more personable. It can remind the receiver that there's a real human behind the screen.

3. Include Contact Information

Your email signature is a one-stop shop for all your contact info. Make sure to include your work phone number, address (if applicable), and email address. It's all about making it easy for people to reach you.

4. Incorporate Social Media Icons

Social media isn't just for your free time. Including clickable icons of your company's social media profiles is a simple way to boost your online presence. Remember, it's not about the quantity but the relevancy. Only include the platforms that matter to your audience. For example, if you only post personal things on Facebook, don't share it in your professional email signature. 

5. Link to Your Latest Content

Got a new blog post? A recent case study? Why not include a link to it in your signature? It's a subtle way to promote your latest content and drive traffic to your website.

6. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Calls-to-action buttons aren't just for your website. Adding a CTA to your email signature is a great way to encourage engagement. Whether it's "Schedule a Consultation" or "Sign Up for Our Newsletter," give them something to click on.

7. Show Off Your Awards or Certifications

If you have any awards or accomplishments worth bragging about, your email signature is the perfect place to do it. Showcasing awards or certifications can boost your credibility and give the recipient more confidence in your business.

8. Use a Custom Banner

Adding a custom banner to your email signature can really make it pop. Whether it's a promotional banner for an upcoming event or a seasonal greeting, it's an effective way to get your message across.

9. Add a Dash of Color

While keeping your email signature professional is essential, don't be afraid to add a bit of color. Use your brand's color scheme to maintain consistency and make your signature stand out.

10. Test and Refine

Finally, remember that your email signature isn't set in stone. Test different elements, track the results, and refine your signature accordingly. Keep it fresh, relevant, and engaging, and don't be afraid to try new things. 

11. Include a Link to Your Portfolio or Project

If you're in a creative field or your work can be showcased online, include a link to your portfolio or a project you're particularly proud of. This shows off your skills and gives the recipient an idea of the quality of work they can expect from you.

12. Add a Personal Touch

While keeping it professional, don't forget to show your personality. This could be a quote you live by or a personal motto. It adds a human touch and helps you stand out.

13. Use a Consistent Design Across Your Team

If you're part of a larger team, having a consistent design for everyone's email signature can reinforce your brand and make your communications look more professional. It's also a chance to show some company pride.

15. Promote Upcoming Events

If your company is hosting a webinar, conference, or any other event, your email signature is a great place to promote it. Include the date and a link for registration to make it easy for your contacts to join.

16. Add a Book Now Button

If you're in a service-based industry where appointments are key, add a "Book Now" button in your email signature. This makes it simple for clients to schedule time with you. As we shared above, it could boost your bookings by up to 20%. 

17. Showcase Testimonials

There's no better way to improve your credibility and share some social proof than with glowing testimonials. If you have short, powerful testimonials, consider including one in your email signature.

A Few Quick Dos and Don'ts 

Here are a few dos and don'ts to remember as you tinker with your email signature. 

  • Do: Keep it simple. Less is definitely more when it comes to email signatures. Pick and choose which elements from above work best for you, but don't try to fit them all in there. Keep it focused. 

  • Don't: Overstuff it. Avoid packing too much info into your signature. It can quickly turn from neat to noisy. While you might want to include every certification, skill or hobby, remember your signature is not a resume.

  • Do: Ensure it's professional. A little color or a modest company logo can add a splash of personality, but steer clear of overdoing it with extravagant fonts, colors, or excessive imagery.

  • Don't: Forget to optimize it for mobile. Around 85% of email users say they check email on their phone, so your signature (and entire email, really) must be optimized for those mobile phone email readers. 

Start Sprucing Up Your Email Signature 

Remember, your email signature is more than just a sign-off; it's a valuable marketing tool – like a virtual handshake. So, give it the attention it deserves.

You'll be surprised how these small changes can lead to big results in boosting your brand's visibility and engagement. So start harnessing the power of your email signature today to see how it can boost your results.